YEL 001: Redefining Your Life Story

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  • November 30, 2016
Think & Grow Rich

Welcome to the very first episode of Your Exceptional Life – helping you rise to magnificent in each area of life!

On this episode we look at our easy it is to buy into our life story (as a reason to not live our exceptional life).

When I look at my own life I see that I used to believe that I HAD a mediocre life story until I realised that I DID – unless I DECIDED to redefine it.

Learn, through my own life challenges, how to redefine ANY part of your life story that you define as mediocre, disempowering or “bad”.

I would LOVE to know your life story, in particular how you redefined your life’s challenges into blessings in disguise.

On this episode I mention –

Jeanne Calment – the oldest human being to live on record

And for further study on people who have redefined their life story, I highly recommend learning about Alice Herz-Sommer. Alice was the oldest survivor of the Holocaust before her death, aged 110. Her mantra in life: “I have no room for pessimism or hate”. Not bad from someone who experienced the atrocities of the Holocaust.

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You’ll find extended show notes below too 🙂

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Extended Show Notes

Marcus Pearce with you from Marcus Pearce DOT COM and … to quote Big Kev- I’m EXCITED – a BRAND new podcast!

Thank you SO much for tuning in – whether you’re out on a walk, doing the dishes, jogging on the beach, on a train, plane or automobile – I truly appreciate you choosing ME over the thousands of other podcasts available to you.
Each time you join me on Your Exceptional Life I’ll be sharing with you an element of what it takes to truly create magnificence in EACH area of life.
If you know me – and I’ll share my story shortly – you know I’m not into niching life. What saddens me most in the world is seeing people put all their eggs into one basket – be it their work, their family, their nutrition – only to realise when it’s all too late that they missed out on so much fun and joy in the other areas of life.

You know who I’m talking about – the Mum who is 200% dedicated to her kids but forgets about the marriage and her friends. Or the Dad who’s working 80 hours a week and doesn’t spend any quality time with his wife and kids. Or that person who is so fixed on their diet that they don’t socialise with anyone because it’s all too hard, instead eating alone without any true fulfilment.

If any of those profiles fit you then stick around, I think you’ll find this podcast fascinating

So …. What makes a life truly exceptional versus its counterpart – the mediocre life? It’s a million-dollar question that I’ve been asking myself for the last 10 years and it’s a question whose answer is both incredibly short and infinitely long, which is why I created this podcast.

Some people say the exceptional life is as simple as raising your standards – others point to living with an attitude of gratitude and being mindful – some may tell you that religious faith leads to an exceptional life whilst others will tell you to accumulate as much money as you can so that you have power and influence over humanity. They’re just some of the short answers, and none of them you can argue to be 100% right or 100% wrong. Which again, is why I’ve created Your Exceptional Life.

My view is that an exceptional life is like a 100 piece puzzle, and maybe even 1000. Life is not so simple that there is a fountain of youth, a magic way of being happy all the time or a shortcut to getting rich. For if any of those things existed, you know the answer – we’d all be forever young, filthy rich and happy all the time.

So what does make an exceptional life? How do you create magnificence not just in your job or your health or your relationships but in EACH area of your life.

That’s the million dollar question will be answering each week on the podcast.

On each episode I’ll be in your ears for about 15 minutes (or less if you speed me up on your podcasts app!), and go through an area of living your exceptional life. I also want to make this podcast that little bit different, and here’s how I’m doing that –

  1. There’ll be no guests on this podcast (most of the time). It will just be my dreary voice hehe.

I’ve done this so that I can create a strong relationship, a digital friendship with you. I can share with you my life’s learning lessons – what’s worked and what hasn’t – without having to also share someone else’s life story. All my interviews are conducted on my other podcast 100 Not Out, and from my research, there are PLENTY of other podcasts where you can listen to interviews.

  1. Secondly, I’ll leave you with an action step at the end of each podcast. Nothing major that will take you hours, but enough to give you some momentum from each episode so that you feel like you’re truly moving forward in improving the quality of your life.  

To kick us off on episode 1 of Your Exceptional Life I thought it best to share my story with you, because I’m a pretty regular guy who for years thought I was simply too boring to help people. I felt that my life was too middle-class, bereft of any major life-threatening challenges like major poverty, life-threatening diseases or traumas, family deaths, mental health, bullying or any other newsworthy, headline-grabbing life-event.

I realized, about ten years ago, that my story and what to this day continues to attract people to my programs, events and so on is that I, like most people in the modern world, had bought into mediocrity – mediocre standards – in many areas of my life, from a young age.

Listen to the full episode to hear the full story.