YEL 004: The 12 Riches Of Life by Napoleon Hill Pt2

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  • December 7, 2016
Napoleon Hill 12 Riches

So we’ve gone through 5 of Napoleon Hill’s 12 Riches as outlined in the almost 80-year-old best seller Think And Grow Rich. On this episode of Your Exceptional Life I go through the final 7, discussing how I believe we can apply each of these riches into our life.

On this episode you’ll learn about –

Applied faith

Being willing to share your blessings with others

Engaging in a labour of love which I like to refer to as “doing what you love”

How to be open-minded towards all people and events

Cultivating the art of self-discipline

Applying the wisdom to understand people

Just what role financial security plays in one’s life

Are You New To Napoleon Hill?

If you don’t own a copy of Napoleon Hill’s Think And Grow Rich, you can get it here on Amazon. This podcast comes in the middle of my fourth reading of the book (and it took me at least 3 attempts before reading it completely the first time). Many giants of the personal growth world have read this book DOZENS of times. If you know of Bob Proctor‘s story (Bob was featured heavily in The Secret), you will know he reads a little bit of it EVERY DAY.

I also love the audiobook Napoleon Hill In His Own Voice, which is available on Audible for $7 USD. It goes over 10 hours, which works out at less than 70 cents an hour 🙂 To say this is money well spent is an understatement. Thanks to Sean Croxton for sharing snippets of this recently on his great podcast Quote Of The Day.

The Four Cardinal Traits

I mentioned these during the podcast. See this image and if you haven’t watched it before I highly recommend The Shift featuring Wayne Dyer.

Cardinal Traits

How Do You Score?

If you were to score yourself out of 10 for each of Napoleon Hill’s 12 riches, what would your score out of 120 be?

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Until next time, continue creating Your Exceptional Life!