YEL 005: The Sound Of Music Song That Made Me Cry

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  • December 12, 2016
Sound of Music

I had a weird moment happen this morning. I was having breakfast with the children and for reasons that you’ll find out in the podcast I ended up watching some songs from The Sound Of Music. And tears started welling up!

The Sound Of Music was my favourite movie as a child. Probably because it was my Mother Darling’s favourite film growing up. When I watched this performance of Edelweiss by Mr Von Trapp, I was overcome with emotion.

The emotion came from the following thought: to this day I still can’t even imagine what it was like for Jewish families caught up in the Holocaust. Watching this clip had me reminding myself how blessed we are to live in a world where we have so many civil liberties.

In light of this, there remain countless people who say we live in a bad world. I’m quite sure that if I was Jewish at the time of the Holocaust I would have struggled to believe that we live in a great world.

Alice Herz-Sommer

But then I look at Alice Herz-Sommer, the oldest survivor of the Holocaust until her death aged 110. Yes – 110! Alice’s mantra was “I have no room for pessimism or hate”. And this coming from a woman who lost her parents AND her husband to the gas chambers.

You can read the great biography of Alice, A Century Of Wisdom, and I also recommend you watch the plethora of YouTube videos on her.

Eddie Jaku

Another incredible Holocaust survivor is Eddie Jaku. I had the privilege of interview Eddie on my other podcast 100 Not Out. You can listen to the double episode here and here.

Turia Pitt

On Australian soil, I am constantly inspired by Turia Pitt. You can see how easily it would be for Turia to say she lives in a bad world. But not so. Turia believes that challenges in life show us how strong we really are. And perhaps, now that it’s so easy to avoid challenge, many of us don’t really know how strong we are.

So I would love to know. Do you have any Sound of Music moments? Is there a song that’s really brought a response out from you? And do you think we live in a good or bad world?