YEL 006: The Gratitude Flood Process

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  • December 16, 2016
Gratitude Podcast

Gratitude! Sometimes I feel like it’s over-rated! Only because it’s become such a buzz term and process in personal growth. It seems everyone is saying “I’m grateful for this” and “I’m grateful for that”, but do they REALLY mean it? I want more of an explanation. The long answer!

In a future episode I’ll share with you the research Martin Seligman did on gratitude that shows that simply writing down what you’re grateful for doesn’t give you much bang for your buck. There are far more powerful ways.

One process I have done to end this year is what I have called a Gratitude Flood. Simply put, I have recounted 50 of my biggest highlights for the year to create a highlights reel. Personally, I find it hard NOT to feel grateful for my life when I read the list.

How To Do A Gratitude Flood

1. Do a brain vomit of your highlights. Just write like mad the events that come up in your mind that you just LOVED in 2016 and that you’re truly grateful for. You may come up with only 1 or 2, or it may be 20 or 30.

2. Open up your calendar and begin at January. Start to look in detail at the year and jot down certain events that you know you loved, and are grateful for the experience.

Going through January to December you are sure to hit 50. We are talking 1 event, experience or moment per week that you feel gratitude for!


I mentioned these in the episode –

The Top 5 Regrets Of The Dying – the incredible book by Bronnie Ware

Tuesdays With Morrie – my favourite book by Mitch Albom

My interview with Mitch Albom on 100 Not Out

My Gratitude Flood / Highlights Reel

  1. Grand Final day with Serge – beers, high fives and yelling, oohs and aahs
  2. Kicking the footy in the backyard with Serge
  3. Govindas with the kids. Buffet – kids loving dessert.
  4. The excitement of kids before going on Gold Coast trip – kids just LOVE a holiday – any holiday. Family time is so precious for them.
  5. Tommy being in Sarah’s arms – and not breathing for 1 minute – and then taking his first breath! Oh gosh, the relief and the excitement.
  6. Damo and LT performing on stage with Tim Robards – great entertainment, and I loved commentating
  7. Ikaria – dancing and playing with the locals at the panigiri on the final day. A feeling of true contentment and wonder at the beauty of life. How blessed I am to have this experience.
  8. Taking Maya out for dinner on her birthday to the Oriental chinese restaurant in BYron. She was so excited, as was Darby. Gosh -to think we had two kids at the start of the year!
  9. Swimming in the pool with Sarah in Bali – cuddling her. NO distractions, no responsibilities. Pure bliss.
  10. Dinner with GReg & Clare in Noosa. Talked all night, at a million miles an hour. Could have gone on forever. Great times.
  11. Dinner with my Xavier mates after the Summit. Indian in Camberwell. GReg, Rob, Dan, Hazza, Matty.
  12. Meeting Hugh on Audrey’s birthday at Georgia’s new home. Having the family photos with all the cousins, children, grandchildren, etc. A real special day and a great way to come down from the Summit.
  13. That feeling of people walking in for the Summit. It’s all about to begin. The excitement, the fun and games.
  14. Shona gifting us with a gratitude rattle
  15. Joanna and Gianni gifting us their wine and welcoming us into their family home
  16. Tim & Mel gifting breakfast at St Martins
  17. Swimming with Don Riddington and co in the Brighton beach on a Sunday morning in Sub 10 degree weather
  18. Going to the movies with Timmy Robards. Simple pleasures, going to to the movies.
  19. Going to the movies with Sarah – Pighouse Flicks – Dressmaker.
  20. Taking Sarah shopping on her birthday. Simple pleasures. Ended with a distressed Maya early pick up – but a good start anyway.
  21. Seeing A&B for the first time in 10 years. The joy of reconnecting in person. Just magic.
  22. Booking flights for Europe – just the feeling of booking flights for long haul destinations. So exciting to have it CONFIRMED. It was late at night, it felt weird to be doing it by myself without consulting with Sarah (definitely want to do it together next time!!)
  23. SUP for the first time, and especially having Maya & Darby on there, who loved it.
  24. Driving from Melbourne to Byron in Feb with Dad, via Sydney. He drove the entire way, whilst I did so much work! Was truly on a mission, it was pulsing through my veins, and I loved every bit of it. I just love that pace and truly wish to recreate that again in 2017 and more regularly (having BIG 4, 6 or 12 week outcomes is the way for me to create this)
  25. Meeting with Demartini – waiting in the lobby, excited. And then letting it FLOW for the best part of three hours was just magic. I know we can and will do a lot of work together over the years to come. I really look forward to working with Dr John Demartini.
  26. Spending time with Julia Zaetta and family – good times, and great to just sit and chat.
  27. Filming Food to Fulfilment video series in the secret garden of Sydney with my Dad alongside me!
  28. Watching Melbourne beat Gold Coast with my Dad at Metricon! What an experience. Pre drinks before hand. Public transport in there. Sitting next to Robbo for the final siren and getting into the rooms afterwards. Just a whole heap of fun and priceless father-son time. Would be awesome to do it in 2017.
  29. Speaking at Raw Chiro, meeting some great people like Ed Osburn and Pat Sim and having dinner on the Saturday night. Great connecting with great people!
  30. Flying down to Wollongong to do the event with Jo Whitton. Great experience.
  31. Being there for Maya & Darby’s Autumn Festival. Being able to do it – seeing them grow up so beautifully.
  32. Excited kids at Easter time – love the easter egg hunt!
  33. Playing with the kids outside just an hour or so after Tommy was born. Surreal that this is what having a third child is like!
  34. Seeing my mother darling cry when she met Tommy and the whole experience of having all the children and grand children in the same house. Just beautiful.
  35. Getting to the airport only to be told they were 24 people overbooked! The relief of getting on the flight and knowing that I was about to realise a bucket list dream to run a retreat in Ikaria. Astounding, just beautiful.
  36. Catching up with Matt & Kyla and just observing the benefits of having a bigger family home with a pool, veggie patch, etc. On flat road. Great dream building.
  37. Dinner on the ELB night – just people congregating, all with similar interests and just enjoying the camaraderie.
  38. Interviewing Mitch Albom, Mario Martinez and Marvin Oka all in one day. Just mind-blowing and wonderful work.
  39. Improving co-presenting with Damo – from Wollongong event to Melbourne event (consecutive nights) to Yarra Valley event a month later – we got better and better each time.
  40. Running 100NO Lifestyle with Damo to that size audience and that dynamic. Seeing how much my sister Olivia appreciated it.
  41. MCing the Go Vita Annual Conference in Wollongong. A lot of trips to Wollongong this year!
  42. Humbled by the feedback of Go Vita veterans and how much they enjoyed having me MC the event.
  43. Unexpectedly bumping into Cyndi O’Meara at Go Vita open day and having good chats together at the warehouse over lunch.
  44. Congregating with family in Melbourne at Auntie Maureen’s funeral. Connecting with so many people, from cousins, aunties and uncles – and going back to Murdoch’s afterwards, chatting with family, etc.
  45. The multiple Sat morning AM teas with the family – Table View, Puremelt or Scratch, wherever – just such a great way to start the weekend!!
  46. Sitting on the couch with Tommy on my lap – just holding his arms / hands and making funny noises. Just loved it!
  47. The Spring Fair at Cape Byron and Shearwater – each year we know more and more people. Our community is growing.
  48. Regular Friday and Saturday nights watching the Football – just having that to switch off to, to recharge. I just love having a hobby I enjoy so much.
  49. Exercising, moving my body, getting fresh in the water – beach runs and swims, yoga, Tapout, my own workouts. Keep on moving.
  50. Saturday night dinner and dessert – it’s been a real hit this year, and the kids are excited. So happy for them!