YEL 007: Awkward Christmas Moments & 7 Strategies To Prevent Them

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  • December 21, 2016
Awkward Christmas

It’s Christmas time! And with Christmas comes love, generosity, gratitude, quality time with loved ones and … awkward moments!

Yep, December 25 is that one day of the year when many people see a family member for that one and only time.

And with that comes any manner of awkward moments!

So I’ve put together 7 effective strategies, largely based around YOUR communication (since we cannot control the other person’s but we can definitely influence it).

These strategies can be applied on ANY day outside of December 25 🙂 But if you find yourself looking at the calendar with a smattering of dread, anxiety or just plain indifference, then I encourage you to implement them on Christmas Day!

7 Strategies To Prevent Awkward Christmas Moments

1. Ask questions instead of making statements. Apply this strategy for great Christmas table conversation.

I learnt over my time as a journalist that the quality of any interview was in direct proportion to the quality of the questions I asked.

2. Watch your tone of voice

Do everything in your power to be genuine in your communication (in other words, REALLY give a s@!t), and watch the conversation improve.

3. Take a keen interest in someone

As above, don’t fake your like or interest in someone.

4. Forgive easily – JUST DO IT. The resentment is NOT helping!

Listen to the episode for more on this (about 12 minutes in).

5. Be mindful of the “gift of giving”

The gift of being thought of if often more important to remember than the gift of “giving”.

6. Whoever you are with, be with them.

Stay present in the moment with the people you are with. Don’t wish your day away, annoyed that you are not at some other function. Engage fully at whatever Christmas function you find yourself at.

7. Bite your tongue!

If there’s ever a day to put water in your wine it is Christmas Day. Not every comment needs to be turned into an argument or disagreement. Be agreeable. It’s FAR better to let a comment slip through to the keeper than get everyone in a fit of rage or anger. It is Christmas Day after all! A day of celebration, not separation!

And a bonus one from me – listen intently! Listen with your eyes and your heart, not just your ears and brain. Don’t plot your answer at the risk of not listening. It’s far wiser to listen and pause then not listen and quickly interject.

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Wishing you an exceptional Christmas!