YEL 008: Dealing With Post Christmas Guilt

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  • December 26, 2016
Christmas Guilt


There is a great statement that comes back to me at this time of the year as the barrage of MORE hits. More social commitments, more food, more financial considerations, more favours being asked of, more this and more that. It’s just the season of MORE.

And the statement is this –

It’s not about what you eat between Christmas and New Year’s Day that matters. What matters is what you eat between New Years Day and Christmas. 


And I think this in ALL areas of life. In this episode I ask you to consider if you have guilt about what you ate (since so many people do), and how you can possibly turn the power of guilt into an empowering emotion for the year ahead. Such as determination, persistence or some other emotion of inner strength.

Guilt can be a great driver, as long as we are in control.

What ARE you guilty of?

For example, if you are guilty of

Staying in a job you don’t love or you get mistreated at, purely because it pays the bills OR

Not giving much quality time to your kids or partner

Not giving much quality time to yourself

Not making time to move your body

Not making time to socialise

Not making time to eat well

Not making time to upskill, learn more or develop mentally and emotionally

Watching bucketloads of TV

Spending more than you earn?

Then you can turn that guilt into a fierce determination to improve. The question is, will you? Most won’t!

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Here’s to a sensational year ahead!