YEL 009: Kill Mediocrity Once & For All

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  • January 2, 2017
Kill Mediocrity

Let’s be honest, New Year’s resolutions as a rule don’t work. Without adding in 3 major ingredients, which I’ll share shortly, resolutions fall flat on their face and mediocrity lives on.

Let’s look at two examples where mediocrity reigns. Food and Relationships.

Mediocre Food

What are your beliefs around your standards? Let’s use food as an example. When is it OK to eat unhealthy food?

You might say. I BELIEVE it’s OK to eat unhealthy food –

At a party
Friday nights
Actually most weekends
Every weekday morning tea and afternoon tea – sugar hit.
Dessert each night

All of a sudden you realise that your belief about what is acceptable is actually ruining your health! You eat it so often because you’ve created beliefs that it’s OK in so many instances!

Mediocre Relationships

Let’s look at relationships – when is it OK to have an average standard for your relationship. Let’s use communication in relationship as the example here. When is it acceptable to either SHUT OFF (that would be the masculine energy response) or be UPTIGHT (feminine energy response)

You might say –

When I’m really tired
When the kids have been at me all day
When I’ve had a tough or really busy day at work
When my parents have been annoying or frustrating
When my friends don’t believe in me
When something really bad happens in the world – like terrorism, tragic flight death, a murder.
When a stressful family situation arises – financials, child health challenge or injury, behaviour issues, etc.

All of a sudden can you see how easy it is to have a less than fulfilling relationship?

The mediocrity solution

After all my years of research, I believe there is a THREE step process to truly kill mediocrity once and for all. There are plenty of other things you can do, but doing these three makes a BIG difference.

Step 1: DECIDE

The definition of “cide” is the DEATH of an organism.

Your first step is to MURDER all mediocre options in your life. Listen to the episode for a full explanation on this.

Step 2: PLAN –

The world is  full of headless chooks. Don’t be one of them. As Brian Tracy says,

Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

3. Select the right accountability

Otherwise you lose your way. Instead, choose either to put TIME, MONEY or your IDENTITY ON THE LINE. Again, listen to the episode for a full description on this one.

Free Video Series – Kill Mediocrity Once & For All

I’ve created a brand new video training series to help you truly Kill Mediocrity Once & For All.

It all kicks off on January 5 with Video 1 – DECIDE. If you aren’t already part of my online email community, click here to register for the series or go to the following URL –

Here’s to killing mediocrity and creating an exceptional 2017!