YEL 021: From substance abuse and self-hate to sensational life and self-love with Leanne Anders

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  • May 22, 2017
YEL 021

I could call this “From tragedy to triumph”, from “homeless to hero” and many other one-liners, but there is no doubt that the injection of self-esteem and self-love is the key ingredient to the remarkable rise of Leanne Anders.

This is the FIRST time a guest has been featured on Your Exceptional Life and I have featured Leanne because I want you to see how ANYBODY can transform their life.

The circumstances of Leanne’s life meant that NO ONE would have questioned Leanne had she used ANY of them as excuses to maintain mediocrity.

Homeless and with a volatile family life, inflicting self-harm and substance abuse on herself, there were so many things going AGAINST Leanne that just make this story even more exceptional.

It gives me great satisfaction to highlight that Leanne was an inaugural member of the Exceptional Life Blueprint back in 2014. And I am humbled that Leanne credits a part of her transformation to going through the program and attending ELB Live.

Enjoy listening to Leanne’s journey, and do whatever you can to attend ELB Live in Melbourne this June 3 & 4. Special 2 for 1 tickets may still be available – you can find out at

Leanne mentioned one of her favourite books, and it was So Good They Can’t Ignore You by Carl Newport.