YEL 031: Exceptional Weekly Review: Mozart, Gingivitis, Fire Tonic, Mastery & More

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  • August 20, 2017
week in review

Here’s the first of Exceptional weekly collage of my week – from what I’ve been reading, eating and meeting with to the internal struggles with family and relationships, business ups and downs and spiritual growth. I tend to share more than I need to (no apologies) and hope that just one of these tidbits helps you take another step forward in your exceptional life.

You can watch it below or on You Tube, read all the show notes in the blog below, or listen to the podcast (see player above). Enjoy!

I’m currently reading Mastery by Robert Greene

I’ve begun reading Mastery by Robert Greene. I’m about 50 pages in and loving the stories of adversity and challenge faced by Mozart and Charles Darwin. Both Masters had strong-willed fathers who attempted to “own” them by charting the course of their careers for them. Thankfully, both Darwin and Mozart had the strength to follow their hearts rather than the demands of their fathers.

Greene has also written The Art Of Seduction, 33 Strategies of War, 48 Laws of Power and the 50th Law (co-written with 50 Cent).

The podcasts I’ve listened to this week

I listened to a few podcast interviews of Robert Greene this week, including this one with James Altucher and this one with Aubrey Marcus.

Movement – Yoga, running and a push up challenge

My current weekly workout looks like this –

Monday, Wednesday & Friday = Run along the beach (approx 4km)

Tuesday & Thursday = Yoga or Egoscue

Monday to Saturday = 100 Push Up Challenge

I’m a big believer in having exceptional aerobic and anaerobic fitness, whilst having great flexibility. The latter is definitely a weakness of mine. This week I did this hip & hamstring routine on Tuesday and did this morning flow on Thursday.

This is the push up challenge I am doing (see approach D). My great mate and chiropractor Damian Kristof suggested I work on my upper body strength and I enjoy push ups. I started with a max of 23 and am up to 35 (with the end-goal to reach 100). At 35, I’m doing almost 1500 push ups per week, which feels awesome.

Based on my YouTube history, this is one of the yoga flows that Sarah did.

Maya has had Acute Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingevitis (ANUG) – what joy!

Maya spent every day at home last week with an acute and aggressive form of gingevitis known as ANUG. It wasn’t pretty, and Sarah had a small dose of Mumma guilt by not taking Maya to the dentist earlier. In any case, we took her on Friday and the ultimatum was that we could give any natural solutions a go for the weekend or else the next step would be antibiotics (this wasn’t a threat, just the facts of it all).

Thankfully, this freaked Maya out (she’s never had antibiotics) and she had a fierce determination (bordering on anger) that she would not succumb to antibiotics. My belief is that it was this determination that resulted in a swift healing from ANUG, but in any case this is what we did all weekend –

** 7 x per day = Herbal drops from Mullum herbals

These drops were yuk but powerful. I know they included myrrh and a bunch of other powerful herbs (I don’t remember them though). I supported Maya by having a tiny sip of her herbs and drinking Fire Tonic whilst she had her drops. She chased the herbs with some coconut water. If you want to see Fire Tonic in action with some of The Wellness Couch hosts playing a deadly game of “Fire Pong”, just click here.

** Salt water swishes (1 tablespoon of salt – we used celtic sea salt – in warmish water).

** 2 x per day =  Cod liver oil (not a favourite!)

** Metagenics Zinc & Vitamin C orange drink (to help with any suppressed immunity)

** Oil pulling

This was an epic fail. She wouldn’t have a bar of it (which was weird considering she had the herbs which put her mouth on fire!)

I don’t have any before and after photos but I wish I did! We took Maya to the dentist this Monday and they were amazed at her swift recovery. No antibiotics 🙂

What I’m Working On

I have no idea if you find this boring or interesting, so please let me know if you care or don’t care to know what I’m working on at the moment!

I’m currently working on three major work projects –

Project #1 – 2018 Longevity Experience in Ikaria

This will be our second trip back to Ikaria (you can see our 2016 highlights video here). Spots have sold faster than our first run which has been great. We have 14 booked in with a maximum of 20 joining us, so my work at the moment is on spreading the word and filling the remaining 6 places.

Project #2 – Increasing my corporate engagement

This is a fascinating, rewarding, frustrating, exciting and sometimes overwhelming challenge. Most of my corporate work up until now has been through word of mouth through no effort on my part, and as a result I haven’t given it much attention.

I haven’t asked for testimonials, feedback, carved out training programs, worked on my LinkedIn page or any other vital components for a strong corporate presence.

However, since most of the people who are attracted to my message are working, it’s the next right step to access them whilst they’re at work instead of asking them to take time away from family and friends on weekends and so on.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still be running my ELB Live event each year and doing plenty of speaking. I’ll simply be adding a strong corporate presence to the MP brand as well.

It’s been a great week on this project, with an opportunity to work with NAB in October being confirmed and some discussions beginning with one of Australia’s major energy companies.

The interesting thing is that it was this interview I gave on the 180 Nutrition Health Sessions podcast that started the conversation with NAB. It wasn’t a slick brochure or fancy promotional tool, it was just me sharing my message.

I also mentioned in the video the “best breakfast in Melbourne” which definitely belongs to Wellineux and their Atelier events. Nat Kringoudis spoke recently to a sold out audience, and I was fortunate enough to speak there a few months ago (take a look at the upcoming Atelier breakfasts and speakers here).

Project #3 – Upping my online presence

I mostly use ClickFunnels for my online programs, and before that used other platforms. A number of my programs are still on the old platforms, including my Exceptional Life Blueprint, so I’m currently moving them over to ClickFunnels.

What I’ve been eating (other than chocolate)

Since this is the first edition of Your Exceptional Life, I’ll share some staples with you. Moving forward, I’ll just share anything new that’s I’ve enjoyed.

If you know me or know of me then you know I’ve had a chocolate pudding cup every day for morning tea.

You’ll also know that I’ve had scrambled eggs and greens for breakfast and an almond latte at Table View most mornings.

Sarah made a sensational dinner this week. Well at least Sarah and I thought it rocked. This eggplant masala was a hit with an adults and an epic fail with the kids, so I definitely don’t recommend it for the young ones – unless you know they love eggplant!

I simply love eggplant and have some pretty awesome uses for it, one of which I’ll be sure to share with you next week!

Wealth – Learning from Scott Pape’s bushfire story

I’ve been spending a lot of time on being more organised around money. I’ve created a financial statement that is dynamic (regularly updated) that shows our ALIE –

Assets (Properties, Stocks, Cash, Super Funds, Contents)

Liabilities (Balance of Loans)

Income (All sources)

Expenses (All expenses – where most people stuff it up – a topic for another day)

This can take some time, but having recently run my Mastery event Exceptional Wealth & Productivity, some of the stories I researched and learnt from my clients were astounding. Scott Pape’s bushfire story is full on and has me (and many others) on a path to getting all financial documents in one place!

Waking up early is a spiritual experience!

I never thought I would say this! I’ve been intending to join Robin Sharma’s 5am club for a good 10 years however it wasn’t until doing a talk recently for Wellineux where I met Catherine van der Muelen and listened to her share her story of being a 5am riser that I have since 100% committed to this.

There is something spiritual and special about being up this early. I’ll share my exact routine with you in a future episode. If this is a foreign concept to (or you just want a great book to read), I highly recommend The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.

Have an exceptional week,