YEL 033: 15 Children, Adelaide, Travel, Masterminds & Family History

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  • September 3, 2017
YEL 033 Adelaide

I hope you’ve had a sensational week! I’ve spent 4 days in Adelaide and as a result this week’s episode of Your Exceptional Life focuses a lot on travel!

If this is your first taste of the podcast (click above to listen, or watch on You Tube below), I run through each of the 8 areas of an exceptional life, sharing what’s occurred in my own life this week.

Life Purpose – Adelaide!

This was my second trip back to Adelaide in four months (my first trip was to speak for Positive Real Estate), and the major purpose of the trip was to present my new talk The Science Of An Exceptional Life for Dr Brett Hill. 

Tuesday night just continued to reaffirm how speaking is my favourite way of sharing my message. I love podcasting, I love videos, but there is no doubt that speaking is my number 1 love.

Have you ever considered what your number one love is? Some call this your genius. Some call it your dharma. In any case, it’s food for serious thought.

Also had a big strategy session for The Wellness Couch and presented to the Adelaide Influencers (link to a big photo). So all in all, a big and fun week.

Movement – Travel & Less Expectations

I was away for four days this week, and it was the first time I’d been on the road since I started going hard on my 100 push up challenge. I knew it wouldn’t be easy to commit in the same way and I didn’t have an expectation that I would do what I had been doing at home.

I’ve travelled enough times to know that the “normal” routine from home just doesn’t equate to travel.

So this week has seen much fewer push ups completed, yet I’ve moved my body wonderfully this week. I walked 8km with my Uncle Ivan in Encounter Bay. It was absolutely freezing and windy, but despite that, the sun was shining, the views were magic, and we even managed to catch a few dolphins surfing.

Social – Brett & Steph

My social life bucket was filled this week with the time I spent with Brett & Steph and my trip to Encounter Bay to stay with my Auntie Christine & Uncle Ivan.

Adelaide PicnicLove & Relationships – Quality time over quantity time

My mum is one of 15 children and my Auntie Christine is the 10th born. My Mum is 11. Christine’s mum Ann died shortly after giving birth to Christine, leaving 10 children behind and my widowed Pa. My nana, 33 at the time, came along and took all off a sudden became a mother of 10!

And to top it off, Nana and Pa went on to have a further 5 children. And without that consummation, I and many others wouldn’t be here! And that’s about 1% of the family history. It’s a fascinating story to say the least!

Naturally I don’t spend as much quality time with my aunties and uncles because there are just so many of them! So when I came to Adelaide I made it a priority to make the trip down to encounter bay and visit Christine and Ivan. We shared a beautiful meal, some wonderful conversation, good wine, a great walk, and so much more.

The quality time with Christine and Ivan was enriching to say the least.

Nutrition – Travelling & Eating Healthy

Travelling and healthy food don’t always go hand in hand. But there’s no doubt that this depends on who you are travelling with or spending time with.

I’ve been fortunate to be spoilt food-wise since I’ve been in Adelaide. I enjoyed a great paleo inspired picnic on Wednesday made by Steph and it included a mug of bone broth that had been on the go for a good two months!

I enjoyed a roast rack of lamb with Christine and Ivan and big thanks to Rawsome Mumma for gifting me some of her incredible delicacies which I enjoyed on the trip to and back from Encounter Bay.

Growth – Power Of The Mastermind

On Thursday night I was the guest speaker for Brett Hill’s mastermind group – the Adelaide Wellness Influencers – this is a by invitation only group and there were some incredible people in there.

I guest spoke for an hour and then there was some freestyle Q & A. Personally I got a lot out of both sessions, but particularly in asking some questions about my own business and listening to what others had to say.

I had some great A-HA’s myself so watch this space. But the lesson here is the value of a like-minded tribe.

I don’t have D&M’s about my business with Sarah – I have them with other entrepreneurs in my space. Do you have the network of people around you to share your challenges and your victories? If you’re a Mum, are you sharing your challenges with other Mums, and in this case, mums that have older kids than you or have a bit more experience at this Mum thing.

The beauty of the Adelaide Influencers group was the varied levels of experience and business success and that everyone could share and learn from each other.

If you’re on a personal growth journey or professional growth and there’s no one else on the ride, it gets lonely, and your confidence levels in following that path can be destroyed.

It was fabulous spending time with Daniel Gibbs, founder of Clinic Mastery, naturopath Michelle Crone, Steph Reiter from Total Capture Photography, Alex Virgo, Brett Hill, Glen Lomann from Adelaide Paleo, Denise, Amy and more.

Wealth – Travels & Budgets

Particularly when travelling, exceptional wealth is about sticking to budget. Everything takes longer, you spend money on items you don’t spend as much on at home (even if it is a business expense), and so on – so my reminder to you this week – is – do you have a budget? Do you know how much it costs to run your life? If you don’t, it can be really tricky to create the long-term wealth you deserve.

Spirit – Let nature boost you up

There is no doubt that my experiences in some of Australia’s most beautiful natural environments stirred my soul this week. My walk around Encounter Bay, the Adelaide Hills and one of the most perfect beach mornings on my run on Monday were not just good for the body, but absolutely incredible for the soul.

Never underestimate how powerful your environment is. It’s really difficult to be inspired when your surroundings are average, just like it’s really difficult to feel down when you are surrounded by natural beauty.

Have an incredible week!