YEL 036: Are You In This Exclusive 13%?

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  • September 23, 2017
Your Exceptional Life 36

I’ve been doing this podcast now for a little over a month and it’s really important for me that I know how you’re finding the podcast. As much as you may think your feedback counts for little, I’m here to tell you that it counts for A LOT.

So please, email me, comment below, message me on Facebook or rate the show on iTunes and tell me what you think. Otherwise, how am I to know if this content is proving valuable to you or not?

In your feedback I would love to know two things –

  1. What version are you consuming the most? Podcast? Video? Blog?
  2. What area of life your enjoying my insights on the most. Life purpose, movement, social, nutrition, love and relationships, growth, wealth, spirit or productivity (or the entire collection). 

Life Purpose / Career – Are You In The 13%?

I was doing some research this week and came across this staggering article. Polls conducted across 140 countries in 2011 and 2012 showed that only 13% of people on planet Earth were “engaged” in their work. I repeat – 13%! That leaves 87% of people that either “actively disengaged” or simply “unmotivated and unlikely to exert extra effort. The numbers vary from country to country, with 24% of Australians saying they are engaged. But even still, that is a disgusting number. 24%?!!

Keep in mind a couple of things here. Firstly, the lowest engagement was felt in countries where working conditions are not considered great (China and East Asia recorded 6% engagement). And just as staggering in my mind is that Western Europe reported that only 14 out of every 100 workers were engaged. That’s staggering!

So where do you sit?

You don’t have to tell me if you’re in the 13% or the 87%, however I think it’s vital you ask yourself and TELL yourself where you are. If you’re in the 87%, I could think of nothing more important than shifting to the 13%. How do you do that? Firstly, I would listen to previous episodes of Your Exceptional Life to truly understand my beliefs around your work and life purpose.

Whilst I lay out a complete pathway in the Exceptional Career Breakthrough program (details coming soon), here are 3 steps to really get you in or close to joining the 13% club.

Bring the best version

Bring the BEST version of you to your work

If you haven’t heard me talk about the four cardinal traits, click here to see what I mean. Bring these character traits to work and I have no doubt you’ll feel more engaged.

Manage Personal Life2. Manage, and then EXCEL in your personal life

It’s difficult to engage when your life outside of work is a rollercoaster. Sure, there are times when this is out of your control (sick children, family bereavements, the myriad of other life challenges), but what you can control is your belief and mindset around it all.

If you’re alive (and you are), then everything that happens in life is a gift and a bonus. Your kids are healthy? Bonus. You have a job? Bonus. You have a house (Even if it’s a mess). Bonus. You have a car (even if it needs a huge service you haven’t budgeted for)? Bonus.

In short, the problems you whinge about the problems millions of people around the world would LOVE to have. Children, jobs and vehicles just to name three.

Conscious Choice Life Purpose3. Consciously decide if you are doing your life’s work

I say it over and over again, do what you love and love what you do. If you are not doing work that inspires and drives you, you are missing an important component of fulfilment. It is possible to do work that you don’t love but you love what it provides you (home, food, kids education, etc), however at some point you may hit a point where you simply must unleash your creative genius.

Social Life – Socialising is energising

Whilst it could be so easy to call or Skype these days, nothing beats real life catch ups (particularly when it’s with people like Guy Lawrence, Bronnie Ware, Karly Nimmo & Chara Caruthers.)

Nutrition – Healthy Marshmallows!

My beautiful wife Sarah is always on the lookout for making healthy versions of “sometimes” food (along with thousands of other parents). Seems like Jo Whitton – aka Quirky Cooking – is similarly inclined, particularly with the humble marshmallow.

I didn’t make it personally myself, however here is my observation. It seems like a surprisingly easy recipe to make, and I say that because Sarah had three kids under 7 hovering around her in the kitchen whilst she made it and didn’t raise her voice once (my clear measure of ease and calm and success in the kitchen).

Here’s the recipe and below is a pic of what you can do if you let your imagination run wild!

Quirky Cooking MarshmallowsLove & Relationships – Dealing with tired family members

Are your kids knackered? End of Term 3 here in Oz and our kids are shot to bits. Not necessarily in cold and flu ways. More just super tired, that extra bit cranky, less resilient, more needy and so on. I do find it incredible with school-aged children how you can sense how long a term has been going based on the collective energy of the children!Darby Periwinkle Festival

On a more uplifting note, my son Darby celebrated his Spring Festival earlier this week, and on the weekend Maya’s school had it’s own Cape Byron Spring Fair. One of the many reasons for us relocating from Victoria to Byron Bay was the choice of schools including Cape Byron Steiner.

There’s something very special about having no stress about your children and school. I’m grateful that we don’t lose any sleep about our children and how they’re going at school. Granted, they are only young and no doubt plenty of challenges over the years will come, but at this point in time, I’ll take every little victory!

Growth – Quote Of The Day Podcast

I’ve consumed some fascinating content this week. One night this week I watched this video by Brendon Burchard, which inspired me to add some extra video cameras (namely behind the scenes ones) for events I run.

I may not have mentioned it before that one of my favourite podcasts to listen to is the Quote Of The Day podcast by Sean Croxton. Each episode goes for no longer than 15 minutes, and is a snippet of someone in the personal growth space sharing their wisdom on anything from life purpose, mindset, wealth creation, forgiveness, and so on. I find it a great podcast to listen to on short commutes, short walks, and so on.

Recent featured speakers include Wayne Dyer, Dr John Demartini, Lisa Nicholls, Jim Rohn, Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield and Les Brown.

Quote of the day podcastMovement, Wealth & Spirit – Continuity Goals

Not much has changed in these areas of life since the last podcast. These are my “continuity” goals, which means it’s mostly the same thing day in day out. At the moment I’m continuing on with Continuity goal

At the moment I’m continuing on with Continuity goal

Your Feedback Helps!

I want to know are you enjoying this new format? What version are you consuming the most? Podcast? Video? Blog? I’d love to know what is working for you – and what is not. You won’t hurt my feelings, don’t worry 🙂