YEL 037: What To Do If You Are Stuck In Your Career or Life Purpose

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  • October 2, 2017
Career Clarity

Here’s wishing you an incredible week ahead! Today’s episode of Your Exceptional Life is dedicated to helping people who are stuck in their career. Whether you’re a stay at home parent, employee, entrepreneur, or a mixture of all three – this episode is designed to help you break through and create the clarity and confidence required to take the next step in your life.

OK, let’s get started. For the full training video click here or watch it below.

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The Career Clarity Table

Do what you love in your career

This is one of the most simple yet powerful exercises I do with clients. Here are the instructions –

  1. Get a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle and line across the top (for the titles).
  2. Column 1 is titled “What do I LOVE to do”.
  3. Write down at least 5 (more like 10) activities you love to do. Think of the 8 areas of life for inspiration (life purpose, movement, social, nutrition, love and relationships, growth, wealth, spirit).
  4. Colum 2 is titled “What I did today”
  5. Write down the activities you did today

Look at the two lists. Are many of the activities in column 1 also in column 2? If not, it’s probably fair to say you didn’t do what you love today.

The key is to spend even just 5 minutes more each day doing an activity that you love. 5 minutes might seem too small – the point is to start on what’s achievable for you. There is nothing like spending time on what you love. The ultimate outcome is that you feel greater levels of fulfilment (which is what life’s all about).

The Secret Questions

Secret Questions to an incredible career

If you want a better quality life, ask yourself better quality questions. In my old journalism days what set an average journo apart from a great one was their research and therefore the quality of their questions. Do you want to write a great story for your career and your life? Then you must, simply must ask yourself better quality questions.

In my Exceptional Career Breakthrough online program I take you through 10 clarifying questions to absolutely nail what you’re here to do. Here are the first two – your answers are not just silly responses. They are clues to what your life is dedicated to.

Can’t stop talking about your kids? Find yourself thinking about fixing cars all day? Gasbagging about makeup all day? Whatever it is (and it really doesn’t matter what it is), you’ll be surprised how much your world opens up that this is quite possibly where your future lies.

Q1: What do I love talking about all day? (Write down your top 3 answers)

Q2: What do I think about all day long? (Write down your top 3 answers)

Watch the full training video for a full explanation on this.

Give Yourself Permission

Give yourself permission to have a dream career

It still astounds me how many people have great dreams for their life but really don’t feel that they deserve to live their dreams. A lot of the times they point to circumstances – kids, work commitments, financial commitments, time, background, health challenges and so on – when in essence all these answers just keep the person safe from actually diving in to the dream.

If you were to ask yourself “how do I get paid to (insert doing what you love)”, and start answering without any limitations on your imagination, you’ll be amazed at the responses you come up with.

A personal example (which I share in the training video) was asking myself the question “how do I get paid to visit Ikaria?” I didn’t want to just go there by myself on a holiday. I wanted to combine a holiday with a study trip with a true life-changing experience, and as a result the 100 Not Out Longevity Experience was born.

I in no way say this to gloat, simply to provide you with an example of the power of asking quality questions and the power of giving yourself permission to receive what you want in life.

Do You Want To Work Together On This?

I’ve just released my brand new Exceptional Career Breakthrough program which I explain in the video. If you know you’re stuck and are prepared to put the effort (and about 4 hours of your time) in truly breaking through in the most important area of your life, then I believe you’ll love the program.

What’s included?

  • Module-1 – The 10 Secret Questions
  • Module-2 – Interview with Carren Smith, Bali Bomb Survivor
  • Module-3 – Living Your Life Purpose
  • Module-4 – Cultivating An Exceptional Spirit
  • BONUS: How Do You Fly Summit (insert picture)
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What’s it worth?

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Have an incredible week and until then, continue to live your exceptional life!