YEL 043: Life Is So Precious – The Story of Celina Biniaz & Remembering A Loved One

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  • November 10, 2017
Celina Biniaz Ep43

Chances are you haven’t heard of Celina Biniaz. By the end of this episode I’m sure you will never forget her.

Warning! I think it’s quite obvious that I’m rather tired when recording this episode! My sincere apologies that I sound a bit flat. You may want to play this on 1.5 speed if you are listening on a podcasts app.

Before I get started, thanks for the love from last week’s episode on How To Do Forgiveness. There was plenty of engagement on social media and via email. It’s great to know the episodes are hitting a nerve with you!

There has been so much happening this week, and so I’m going to share with you the wins, losses and insights from each of the 8 key areas of Your Exceptional Life. Unfortunately, I haven’t recorded this on video, however I have endeavoured to share plenty of resources with you in these show notes.

Life Purpose -- Interview Celina Biniaz & more

I had the honour of interviewing Holocaust Survivor (and Schinder’s List survivor) Celina Biniaz this week for 100 Not Out. It was truly a remarkable experience and one that I urge you to listen to when it is released. You can read read Celina’s harrowing yet inspiring story here.

Celina Biniaz

Celina Biniaz with Barack Obama

Movement -- No Push Ups & Lots of Yoga

I’ve taken the week off my 100 Push Up Challenge with sore ribs. The fault is 100% mine and I don’t blame anyone. I haven’t stretched much during the challenge and my body has provided pretty clear feedback that if I’m to hit 100 push ups without stopping, I’m going to need to take better care of my body.

Instead, of been doing pleny of yoga this week, mostly on Yoga With Adriene. I did this Yoga for the side body, this one on the core, and the one below is Yoga For The Spine.

Social -- House Guests!

The Pearce family has been fortunate to have Sarah Hill, founder of Bare Hill Design staying with us for two nights this week. Sarah is the visual guru behind The Wellness Couch and the Marcus Pearce and Exceptional Life Blueprint brands. There’s some exciting work being done behind the scenes with The Wellness Couch at the moment and it was so good to work with Sarah in-person to help develop our plans.

Our time together was another example of the power of socialising. If you’ve ever communicated changes and edits to a graphic designer or similar over email, just imagine how good it is to have them right in front of you making changes and edits in real time!

Bare HillNutrition -- Thank You Go Vita Australia!

Not much to report this week other than we were pleasantly surprised to receive a package from Go Vita Australia in the mail. Two big cardboard boxes with my name on it sat at the front door and I thought “the kids will LOVE this if they open it”. So I waited for them to return home from school and capture it all on video here. I think they liked it!

Love & Relationships -- Remembering A Loved One

My sister-in-law Renee would have celebrated her 42nd birthday on Monday. Renee passed away in 2015 after a battle with cancer. Her husband Chris (Sarah’s brother) and two children, Grace & Albi, all live up here in the Byon Shire. Again, the theme of my week seems to have been a regular reminder of just how precious life is.

Growth -- Research For Celina Biniaz & My Fave Podcasts

I’m still reading Schindler’s Ark by Tom Keneally and am loving listening to the Howie Games. The episode I have listened to and thoroughly enjoyed this week is with Tour de France and revered cycling commentator, Phil Liggett.

Wealth -- Earning Money From Work You Love To Do

I mentioned this in detail in the podcast, however this week has taught me more than ever just how much I believe in earning money from work I LOVE to do. Whilst this has always been incredibly important to me, I have learnt in the past fortnight just how much I do enjoy MC work. As a result, I have decided to incorporate it as a significant part of my business.

Perhaps you have skills you excel in which you’ve never seriously considered turning into a business or profession? I highly encourage you to give this some major thought, and if you’ve never really done work on this before, you may enjoy this 18-minute training video I recorded for the Exceptional Career Breakthrough. It’s a free video, and if you want to do more after that, the program is just $97.

Spirit, Soul & Faith -- Celina Biniaz & Renee

The experiences of interviewing (And researching for) Celina Biniaz, along with the reflection on Renee’s 42nd birthday have simply hit home how precious, fickle, brutal and sacred life is.

I urge you to never get complacent or expectant on certain events and circumstances happening in your life. That belief system will constantly set you up for failure, disappointment and resentment.

Instead, I urge you to appreciate ALL parts of your life as best you can, and, keeping in mind that it could all end tomorrow, thank and love and enjoy the people you have the privilege of being around (including you).

Big love and hugs,