YEL 046: You Have No Problems – The Gratitude Of Contrast

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  • December 18, 2017
YEL 046

Life Purpose – The Power Of Real Life Events

For me the focus on work has been all about Events – my favourite type of work! There are four events I’ve been promoting recently and they are in four different locations.

The Wellness Basecamp is our newest event at The Wellness Couch, setup for two major reasons. Firstly, we have thousands of people around Australia wanting us to bring our events to their home state, and secondly we want wellness to have a stronger community. So many people are alone on the wellness journey. I was fortunate to have my wife, Sarah, alongside me as I went on the path. I fully aware though that my story is not the norm (not everyone falls in love with a health professional!).

The other event I have just begun talking about is One Day In Byron Bay. This event, the brainchild of world-renowned spiritual author, Bronnie Ware, has been designed to help people BRING FORWARD the realisation of their dreams. We have all said before, “One Day I’ll” travel there, do this, see that, and so on. The problem is that there is no day on the calendar called “One Day”.

In a somewhat quirky, dad-joke and ideally profound way, we have created this event to be that One Day. Saturday, March 3, is the day you truly unleash the Courage, Clarity, Connection & Choice to live your exceptional life. Bronnie (author of the fastest-translated Hay House book on the planet called The Top 5 Regrets Of The Dying), Karly Nimmo, Chara Caruthers and myself will be presenting this event at the beautiful Byron Theatre, right in the heart of Byron Bay.

We have allocated a set amount of 2 for 1 tickets, available until December 22. All the details are here or at

One Day In Byron Bay


I have a mother of a scoliosis, and whilst it’s gone through patches of improving, I’ve in all honesty become more lazy  (or complacent) about it in the last couple of years .

Over the past 12 or 18 months though I’ve been experiencing rib pain during my public speaking. It’s possible that my scoliosis isn’t coping well with the combination of standing, adrenaline and speaking. So … I’m committing heavily to my rehab, which is a total mind shift. If it’s a decision between a run or some hip flexor, scoliosis and neck rehab – the rehab is winning!

And yes, I have a great chiropractor! Not the one you’d think though (my wife, if you don’t know, is a chiro). Sarah suggested I see her chiropractor, Dr Margaret Tay, who just loves a good scoliosis! Margaret has been nothing short of phenomenal so far.

Social Life

Like many parents, our socialising has been largely connected to our children’s end of year commitments! Here’s a photo from Darby’s School concert 🙂 The little sheep had a ball!

Darby ConcertNutrition

It’s less about what’s been passing my life and more about what WILL be! Sarah has a grand plan for Christmas this year, and it involves some serious baking!

All I know is that Sarah is planning some serious Quirky Cooking bake off in the leadup to Christmas!

Love & Relationships

We are not going to Melbourne for Christmas this year, which is exciting and weird all at the same time.

I won’t see my parents or my sisters, who are both pregnant and at around full term. Sarah’s brothers both live in the Byron Shire, and her parents are flying up on Christmas night. Whilst it will be a little sad to be away from my side of the family, I’m beyond excited to experience Christmas in our home town and environment.


I looked back at my goals for 2017 just this week and saw that my mantra for Growth was to “fall in love with learning again”. I had definitely found myself feeling stale towards the end of the year, and felt like everything I was consuming was stale, ripped from someone else’s genius or just simply cliche.

The second half of 2017 has seen me revel in the works of three people – Robert Greene, Matt Church & Thomas Keneally. All three have very different influences in my life at the moment, as they all write on very different subjects.

Greene has deepened my knowledge of what true mastery is. Church has helped me hone my craft as a speaker and to look at my business even more seriously. Keneally has opened my eyes to not just the Holocaust via Schindler’s List, but to truly appreciate the depths that the human spirit can reach.


This is the time of the year that financial stress is at it’s peak. Or maybe it’s January when the credit card bills come in and the interest starts accruing for many. If that’s you, I simply urge you to learn from the lesson this year and BUDGET for Christmas next year. Calculate what you have spent this year and turn it into a WEEKLY spend. If you spend $1000 per year on Christmas, setup an account that deducts $20 per week from your pay. If it’s $2000 per year, $40 per week, and so on. I apply this budgeting rule to all my annual bills. From car registration, birthday gifts and Christmas gifts – they are all one-off, annual but EXPECTED expenses. They are NOT a surprise. So there is absolutely no use in whinging and moaning about events you know are coming.

The solution is to better prepare in advance for the life events that are coming in your life. And there is no better feeling than sailing smoothly through December without a financial concern in the world (and no, you don’t need to be financiall wealthy to be worry-free in December. You simply need to be a smart saver and spender.)

Spirit / Soul / Faith – The Gratitude Of Contrast

I was interviewed by Kim Morrison this week for her HLE program and she asked my recommendations for thriving during this time of the year. My answer was that we simply must live with the “gratitude of contrast” firmly in our heart and soul. The problems that stress people out at this time of the year are problems that many people would die for.

Some people have no family, whilst others whinge and moan about their family members. Some people are homeless, whilst others are moaning about moving from one home to the next all day long. Others are facing financial stress, whilst billions of people in the world would love your money problems.

I’m still reading Schindler’s List (almost finished) and I’m continually reminded that even the most basic civil liberties we have (and take for granted) were taken away from millions of Jews. It’s a gift to simply have the freedom to walk the streets of wherever you live, without being accosted, beat with a club or even worse, shot.

I have no problems. You have no problems. Our challenges are simply another stitch on the rich tapestry that is your exceptional life.

Wishing you the happiest, healthiest, most exceptional Christmas of your life so far!