YEL 068: When Life Works and When It Doesn’t | Morning Rituals | FOMO

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  • December 13, 2019
When Life Works and When It Doesn’t | Morning Rituals | FOMO

What Are Your MORNING RITUALS? I think I need to get up earlier – 5AM wake ups are beckoning … but I am loving my nights ATM too. 🌞🌝

When Life Works – I was scanning some of my old journal entries last night … When Life Works … what is happening? It’s almost like your IDEAL DAY … dont Jabe too many rules though. Most importantly, it can’t be dependent on OTHERS.

Life Purpose – Dementia section of the book as good as DONE … good feeling to COMPLETE that. 😁

Movement – Darby bike ride this morning. Cool day here.

Social – Left the school
Xmas market early to finish with working week. Have #fomo

Love & Relationships – Are you dragging your heels? Looking forward to no appointments (linked to end of school year). At the same time the extra activities have been great fun.

Growth – Dream Life podcast with @kikki.k Founder @kristinakikkik – great interview with @fmtv_official Co founder … I forgot to tell my totally random story. Next time!

Wealth – Car Rego done this week … Tax done this week.

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Have yourself a sensational weekend!!