YEL 069: Your Mission In Life Is What?

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  • December 16, 2019
Your Mission In Life Is What?

I know it’s Xmas time and perhaps the last thing you’re thinking about.

In any case, if you don’t define it someone else will 😬

I’ve been working on my own mission and have decided to share it with you today … I was umming and arghing weather to share it or not for a number of reasons.

1️⃣ It’s draft #1 and I’’m still refining it in my mind

2️⃣ It’s extremely open to judgement and attack.

3️⃣ depending on the way you hear it you may misinterpret what I’m saying.

So, here it is – My Mission In Life – Primary Purpose

I Marcus Pearce hereby declare before myself, others and God that the primary purpose of my life is to be an inspirational speaker, author and mentor, helping humanity ascend from mediocre to magnificent in each area of their life and not just one, thereby creating their own exceptional life. I do this by continually learning and absorbing the wisdom of the most exceptional human beings to have ever lived. I integrate this wisdom and develop teachings based on their lives and my own. I learn how to serve more and more people in the most relevant and engaging manner across all available channels. As a result, I have the opportunity to travel the world, receive incredible financial compensation, enjoy an energising social life, fulfilling family life, robust physical health, insatiable curiosity and a soul whose inner voice is guiding my own exceptional life.

Primary Purpose – Think of the most dominant thought of your morning and you are likely to find your primary purpose. Sarah (kids) … Me (work)

God – Not quite sure what terminology sits best with me.

Family gets LESS of a mention than I’m used to. But let’s be clear – this is PRIMARY purpose … so the passage is more around work than family.

Movement – 2 x 1.6k walka today + 2 swims. 🌞🌊🙌

Nutrition – #cacao buttons. Best #raw food ever? Don’t get me started on cacao vs #carob It’s a no contest.

Love & Relationships – School
Finishes tomorrow – a lot
Less appts in the calendar!

Growth – A great swag of summer reading ahead including Victor Hugo, @patflynn and More. I watched Now You See Me 2 on the weekend.