YEL 071: Typical Relationship Arguments | Money Guilts

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  • December 18, 2019
Typical Relationship Arguments | Money Guilts

I’m loving being RAW … T Shirt, hair not done … desk as it is … not worrying about lighting … so thank you for accepting it so happily ☺️ The typical relationship arguments (when kids are involved) often centre on family commitments and work commitments.
A partner often thinks the other is putting work ahead of family. Whereas the worker sees their work as their commitment to their family. Sometimes the working partner accuses the stay at home of not having a “real” job.
How does this play out and how do work through it?

Re: Money guilts Sommer D made a comment re receiving incredible financial compensation.
From two eps ago – Marcus Pearce oh and saying “receive incredible financial compensation” just my opinion, but it’s off putting. Kindof makes it out that you’re boasting about getting money off other people. I don’t quite know how to word it properly, and I’m not meaning to sound rude or offensive in any way. It’s like you’re throwing it in our faces, that your life is exceptional and you make money off us who don’t have exceptional lives. Like I said, probably not wording it right, not wanting to come across rude in any way, it’s just how it comes across to me. Just my thoughts, not wanting to put you or your work down, you help loads of people incl myself, just my thoughts

But Sommer – YOU DO have an exceptional life. You are exceptional! There is no other like you! The work is to get your behaviour (head and body) in line with your soul (heart) … honestly … as I say over and over – when you were born … people weren’t saying “she won’t live an exceptional life” … they were in awe of you.
Money gives you more to be good with – if you’re a good person 🙂 I have events that go from $10 up to $10,000, and so I’ve been interested over time how my own emotions and feelings have matched the price tag. I’ll explain more tomorrow 😉