YEL 073: 8 Transforming Questions To Ask Yourself Over The Xmas New Year Period

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  • December 20, 2019
8 Transforming Questions To Ask Yourself Over The Xmas New Year Period

In the downtime of the next fortnight I encourage you to put a lot of thought and effort in to how you want your 2020 to go. In all of these 8 areas of your Exceptional life. Not 2, not 5. 8.

Life Purpose – Is life dragging along and you find yourself watching the clock all day? Are you doing what you love and loving what you do?

Movement – Has exercise become a chore in 2019? Or is it a sensational part of your lifestyle?

Social – Do the 5 people you spend the most time with get a ✅or a ❎? You don’t deserve people in your life who treat you like 💩

Nutrition – Are you on the best diet ever yet inhaling your food in 2 minutes? 🤢who are eating with and how are you eating? That’s the key.

Love & Relationships – Are you embracing all sides of the people in your life? See the last two episodes for more on this.

Growth – What do you want to learn in 2020? Book , movies, podcasts, plays, online programs, events and more at your disposal.

Wealth – Are you spending less than you earn or more than you earn?💰💰

Spirit – Do you think the world is screwed up? Are you buying in to the sensationalism of news TV? Conversely, are you completely blissed out and not taking control of what’s important?

I’m returning back on Monday January 6 and if you’re back with me I’m going to do an Exceptional Life audit – I’ll ask you to define WHERE ARE YOU NOW in each area and how do you want it to look in 2020 … but if you get this ball rolling whilst I’m away by addressing the eiht questions above, you’ll find the work much more powerful.

Wishing you the best 🎄🎄 you’ve ever had and a magical New Year period.