YEL 084: 8 signs you’re slipping up on your 2020 Goals (and what to do)

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  • January 20, 2020
8 signs you’re slipping up on your 2020 Goals (and what to do)

For each of the following 8 areas of life, here’s what may happen with new goals you have set –

Life Purpose / Career – A major HURDLE comes along to TEST you out. It’s NOT a sign to tell you to give your goal away. It’s a TEST to see how bad you really want it.

Movement – You MISS a session. Do NOT give it away because of one slip up. Get back on the horse straight away. And don’t beat yourself up, unless you think this will ensure you get back the next day.

Social – You lose CONSISTENCY. If you’re catching up with a friend once a week and then life gets busy, know that this is a likely patter you play. Maintain a consistent social life – whether you’re an intro or extrovert.

Nutrition – You fail to link your food to a bigger CAUSE. Your family is a great cause to eat well for, as is your work.

Love and Relationships – TIME is often the only cure for a great family life. As the year speeds up with return to school and work for many, ensure you prioritise the time you said you would at the start of the year. This could be with partner, children, parents, etc. Whoever you’ve committed to, hold firm.

Growth – Ensure the RITUAL you have committed to is one that YOU love, and not someone elses. It takes no effort for me to sit on the couch at night and read a book. Don’t FORCE growth upon yourself; it’s a complete waste of time. Seek what you are called to learn.

Wealth – Don’t succumb to spending or breaking your wealth goals for 2020 and JUSTIFYING the slip up.

Spirit – Don’t avoid being TESTED. Embrace it. When your belief in yourself or faith in humanity is LOW, know that you’re being tested. Always look for the other side of the coin.

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