YEL 47: The Magnificence in Mediocrity With Karly Nimmo

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  • February 27, 2018
Karly Nimmo

Karly Nimmo sees the extraordinary in the ordinary. Whilst we both use the words mediocre in opposing forms, we both mean the same thing. Karly is OK with mediocrity, because she loves all parts of herself. How do I know this? She’s gone to hell and back in a short space of time and shares her story openly and with courage.

Karly has made the choice to love herself, no matter how challenging.

In this episode of Your Exceptional Life we explore the many challenges of loving ourselves – even that which we feel is mediocre.

We’ll be expanding on this at One Day In Byron Bay – our special event alongside international author, Bronnie Ware and wellness maven, Chara Caruthers.

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