In this episode I ask Damian, “what questions are people asking you when they come in at this time of the year?” His answers may surprise you –

  1. What is making me bloated?

  2. Why am I so tired?

With a recent hot spell in Melbourne, I decided to discuss with Damian the strategies people employ to improve their life when the sun comes out. From pre-conceived ideas about fat people, to fatigue, bloating and slow cooking, almost NOTHING gets left out of this conversation.


I was shocked to hear Damian talk about an ad for FibreTrim which, after watching it myself for the first time, realise how far we’ve come considering there is NO WAY this ad would meet advertising guidelines today!

If you watch it below you will no doubt come to realise how easily society has taken on an unprecedented level of judgement around body image.




Q: What are the killer foods most people have been eating?

Q: What are people talking to you about their body at this time of the year, because they can’t cover up in their tracksuit pants and long sleeve tops?

Q: Does what you’re saying mean a slow-cooked meal is not that great?

Q: Are most people thinking they are getting vitamins out of their bone broth (and slow-cooked foods)?


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