I believe times like this call for a massive exposure to contrast.

If you’ve been forced to go on the dole recently and feel down about your financials, a quick visit to will show you that $30k per year puts you in the top 3.92% of earners on the planet. Not bad going!

The Lucky Country may have felt like the worst place to be during fires and floods, but gee whiz it couldn’t feel any more lucky right now when our wealth is here to help millions of people.

No matter what is happening right now, I promise you you are rich – if you can open your mind to see wealth as more than just what’s in the bank. In his bestseller Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill outlined the 12 Riches in Life.

They are –

1. A Positive Mental Attitude (PMA)
2. Sound physical health
3. Harmony in human relationships
4. Freedom from fear
5. The hope of achievement
6. The capacity for faith
7. A willingness to share one’s blessings
8. A labour of love
9. An open mind on all subjects
10. Self-discipline
11. The capacity to understand people
12. Economic security

Note that only one of life’s riches is based on money.

You can live a rich life from the comfort of social isolation. Talk instead of watch Netflix. Be generous in spirit and in time. Practice compassion. Work out every day you’re inside – maybe more than you ever have. Work up a serious sweat!! Reduce your news consumption to reduce your cortisol and fear (which as a result will boost your immune system – all for free!) Yes, I’m a raging optimist, but I don’t see any of these suggestions as unachievable or idealist.

Resources mentioned

The Element by @sirkenrobinson is a great read if you’re looking to find your labour of love right now. Mastery by @robertgreeneofficial is also a ripper.

Crisis to Confidence is a live virtual experience I’m running with The Wellness Couch on Saturday April 4. Featuring @changing_habits , @kimmorrison28, @whitton_jason, @drbretthill @themerrymakersisters and myself. We’re covering off fear and anxiety, immunity, social isolation, financial insecurity and more … all details at link in bio.