So many people think Blue Zones and longevity and “Ageing well” is such a luxurious conversation …

Many people think longevity is a “wellness hack” you do by exercising, eating the latest diet and practicing mindfulness.

But when you consider how terrible the final 12+ years of life is for most people, it’s clear that longevity – and quality longevity – is not some luxury item, but an urgent life skill we must master.

On Ikaria, the locals experience 80% less dementia, 50% less cancer and 20% less heart disease.

Think of that for a moment. We go to Ikaria to experience how these people achieve these incredible results.

And why a life free from dementia, cancer and heart disease is within our grasp too.

Our group to Ikaria for this year’s 10Day Longevity Experience in June must be finalised by February 28. At the time of publishing this podcast we have 4 spaces left. For all the details and to apply to join us, visit or email [email protected]

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