If you’ve had organs or other body parts removed, will you live a shorter life?

This question, posed by wonderful 100 Not Out listener and community member, Bron, is the topic of today’s episode. Her full question (provided here with Bron’s permission) is –

“As Damo would know I am a patient of his. I am 44 next week and have to date had several organs removed. Stomach – due to cancer, gall bladder, appendix, full hysterectomy.

What effect does organ removal have on longevity? As I’ve always thought everything works together and has a function and place. Particularly the stomach and gall bladder. I am surprised how well and healthy I live without them. But it does concern me that it has shortened my life. A big thanks to Damo for his awesome guidance.”

Thanks so much for your question Bron. If you have a question you would like to be discussed then send it through to [email protected] or DM us on Facebook  or Instagram.

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