Damian and Marcus both feel that longevity, life design, and all things planning are becoming a lot easier than they were 6 months ago. You can now plan a holiday (particularly in Australia) with a high degree of confidence that it will go ahead.

You can also begin to plan out wellness habits, social gatherings, and more. With all of this new found certainty, how do we design and craft our lives going forward?

Are we nervous that we’ll be bundled back into lockdowns? Are we like caged animals, soaking in every ounce of pleasure we can before an inevitable hurdle comes our way? COVID has really got us questioning how to live our lives, and this episode is all about that!

For more info on Damian go to www.damiankristof.com

For more info on Marcus go to www.marcuspearce.com.au

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

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