Welcome to an updated edition of our special Crack Your Stress Code special series on 100 Not Out. Over the next two episodes we’ll be cracking into Damian’s 5-pronged process to not only be aware of stress, but know how to reduce it and better deal with it.

We uncover –

What is stress?

The progression to overwhelm and anxiety. How and why does this happen?

The progression to insomnia and then to melancholy and depression.

This episode is both confronting and confidence-building – because there is LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL.

Damian presents Crack Your Stress Code professionally – to connect with him go to www.damiankristof.com

For more on Marcus Pearce go to www.marcuspearce.com.au

We did a Crack Your Stress Code series many years ago too – you can find them on episode 35 and 36.



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