We’ve interviewed hundreds of graceful agers on 100 Not Out, but who are the core of the core when it comes to truly typifying ageing well?

Many of our guests have been known to be good at one or two areas of life – but we know that that doesn’t guarantee longevity or a fulfilling life. So who has excelled in multiple areas of life. And why?

We share our answers and reflections on this episode at the same time as outlining what we truly think longevity is all about. Enjoy!

For more on Damian, go to www.damiankristof.com – If you are in business, Damian is available for corporate presentations on gut health, stress, longevity and nutrition.

For more on Marcus, go to www.marcuspearce.com.au – Marcus is the author of Your Exceptional Life and hosts a 2-day event in Byron Bay each year called Create Your Exceptional Life.

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