If there’s a so-called “trend” that is here to stay my bet is it would be mushrooms. Not only because they’re more “normal” than kale but I think because they’re filled with an ancient wisdom that is hard to argue with and mushrooms seem to be a part of many longevity cultures – which of course we love on 100 Not Out.

Embarassingly, we’ve NEVER done a podcast on mushrooms … and being up here in the Byron Shire you can imagine that mushrooms have been all the rage up here for quite some time – long before they become a thing – and when you go to a cafe around here you can always ask for Mason’s Mushrooms to be added into your coffee.

The Mason I’m talking about is Mason Taylor, founder of Superfeast, and he’s been good enough to join us on 100 Not Out today.

2023 EVENTS!

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