Many people say “I’m not a runner”. Even Damo has said it before! Today we dig into this statement.

A few episodes ago – on Ep 518 we spoke to Jane Woodlands-Thompson, General Manager of the Australian Masters Games which takes place in Adelaide and the wider region this year in October …

We’re going to be chatting with participants and leaders of this event over the coming months, and one of them is an inspiring woman by the name of Anna Liptak.

Anna is an fitness coach, award-winning documentary creator (with I’m Not A Runner) and has spent more than 20+ years in the fitness game, helping people achieve remarkable health and fitness.

Anna herself has run over 30 full marathons and more than 100 half marathons … unbelievable!

She also trains everyday weekend warriors to run marathons all over the world, and she’ll be participating in this year’s Australian Masters Games.

Find out more about Anna at

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