We are in Ikaria for our 2023 Longevity Experience, where welcome back the Queen of Ikaria, Thea Parikos!

Thea helped National Geographic with all its research in discovering the Blue Zone of Ikaria and is our local host whilst we stay on the island. This is our fourth time to Ikaria and our first since 2019. So what’s changed since we were last here? Some big conversations are afoot!

Whilst Ikaria can often beautifully feel like you are back 50 years in time, it’s quite progressive on elements like equal respect for men and women.

Not only do we discuss women in Ikaria, we chat about community, the post COVID way of life on Ikaria, and climate change.

IKARIA 2024 is ON!
We’re thrilled to announce that we are returning to Ikaria in 2024 from August 22-31.
For all the details and to express your interest in joining us, please go to www.100notout.com

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