Hello you exceptional legend!

Wow I feel like I’ve been under a cave the past 10 days or so!

The family and I have just spent 5 days in Coffs Harbour on a much-needed family holiday (when is a holiday not much-needed?) and I didn’t open my laptop once (except to watch a movie which I’ll mention in a minute).

The unplugging was awesome – no computer, no emails, no facebook, we hardly even took photos during the trip!

On Sunday I had some time to myself to just “sit and think” and wrote down plenty of thoughts, dreams, insights and more around my own life purpose. That night, I suggested to Sarah we watch one of our favourite films The Shift, featuring Wayne Dyer and Portia de Rossi.


The Shift is one of those films you could watch over and over again. It’s entertaining (not B grade), and asks the BIG questions of life. It really makes you think – particularly about your life purpose and the “why was I put here on earth” question.

The following day a beautiful client of mine, Jodie, sent me a text informing me that Wayne Dyer had passed away over the weekend. I, like many others, was gobsmacked. The world has certainly lost one its greatest teachers.

Despite his passing his legacy will live on forever, and there are so many lessons he has taught me and many others. Here are just a few nuggets of what Wayne Dyer has taught me –

1. It doesn’t matter WHAT you do … it’s HOW you do it

These may not be his exact words, but the message is crystal clear. Whether you’re a mum, a teacher, an accountant, a chef, a doctor, a cleaner etc – it’s more important that you do what brings YOU JOY if you are to live your exceptional life.

2. When you have NO IDEA what you want to DO, consider who you want to BE

Dyer calls these the 4 Cardinal Virtues. They are respect, sincerity or honesty, gentleness or kindness and being supportive or of service. 

Think of these four virtues and it makes sense that the quality of our life has very little to do with what we are DOING, and everything to do with HOW we are doing it.

Go about your day with respect, honesty, kindness and being supportive to others and I have no doubt that life becomes more magnificent.

I recorded a podcast on this very topic just this week. Click here to listen to How To Be Who You Love And Love Who You Are on 100 Not Out

3. Let yourself be LIVED

This is a difficult concept to grasp. In essence we are talking about living your life by what PULLS you rather than what pushes you. Most people are forcing their way through life – living off will power and sheer determination, which has  its limits. Feeling pulled towards something is in many ways non-voluntary.

Think of love. You can’t SCHEDULE falling in love. This is the perfect case of “letting yourself be lived”. Forcing yourself to like or dislike someone, do something, go somewhere, start a job you don’t like, etc. is an energy and life-sapping feeling that too many people feel on a too-regular basis.

This is not living. This is existing, or what some people call surviving, which is not the purpose of life.

If you haven’t watched The Shift, you can watch it on You Tube below.

Again, I highly recommend not just watching this movie, but really asking yourself the questions that come up and most importantly, acting on them.

On another note, if you’re a father, or married to one, or the child of one (of course you are), have a wonderful Father’s Day. As a Dad to Maya & Darby I love Father’s Day, not for the marketing side of it, but for the beautiful reminder these days give us to show our gratitude for the simple yet invaluable gifts we have in our life, the most precious one being love.

Stay great,


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