In June I had the good fortune of interviewing Mimi Kirk, a 74 year old Californian voted by PETA as the world’s sexiest vegetarian over 50. I interviewed her on my online radio show 100 Not Out to celebrate the QUALITY she had put in to her QUANTITY of life. Mimi’s story is truly fascinating and inspiring.

At 69 years of age she was suffering from arthritis in her fingers. She had been a vegetarian or vegan for the last 40 years and had always believed that a healthy diet could solve many health challenges. After doing her research, consulting with her GP (who prescribed pain-relieving medications) and speaking with others, Mimi decided the next step for her was to adopt a raw plant-based (Vegan) diet. Over the last 5 years she has enjoyed full range of movement and pain-free fingers and as you can see by the photos looks an absolute picture of health.

Listen to the interview here

I don’t WANT to GO RAW

Good, either do I! I have no intentions in the immediate future to be a raw foodist. From all of my research over the last 10 years it’s quite clear that there is not one diet that fits all. What ALL “diets” do agree on though – whether it’s Weight Watchers, Paleo, Raw, Vegetarian, meat and  three veg – is this: Fruits and vegetables, and LOTS of them, are VERY good for you. These diets also agree that Salads are VERY good for you. They also agree that processed foods, soft drinks, lollies, excessive low-quality alcohol, fast food, smoking, drugs are VERY BAD for you. Most diets have more IN COMMON than they do differences. It’s in the differences that the media and therefore the public become confused. But if we look at what’s COMMON in the diets of the healthiest and longest-lived people in the world, we can begin to put together the framework of our own diet.

What can you learn from Mimi Kirk

When you suffer a health challenge, don’t go straight for the GP’s advice – drugs or surgery. Take responsibility for your health, as Mimi did, and say, “What can I (with a big emphasis on the word “I” do) to improve my health”. Mimi felt she could improve her diet and take inflammatory foods out of it. You may decide YOU need to exercise more to improve your health. Or eat better. Or visit a chiropractor, an acupuncturist, a naturopath, or even get a massage? But the MAJOR principle that belies Mimi’s success in her health and longevity is her decision to take control of her health one meal, one bite at a time.

To your longevity,


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