I seriously don’t know how I would go if I found out my child had a major illness. Be it a learning difficulty, cancer, or some other serious health challenge, I just find the whole thing incomprehensible.

Which I think is part of the reason why I really wanted to interview Nat Kringoudis. She doesn’t talk about her son Geordie’s Cystic Fibrosis all that much. The reason for this is that Nat and her adoring family have done everything in their power to help Geordie live a normal life and not be the “special” kid. His CF is not a constant focus of their life. They don’t let it interfere with a normal life.

It’s a truly remarkable story. Here’s just some of what Nat had to say in our interview on the How Do You Fly Summit

Nat Kringoudis on parenting –

“As a mother, if I can’t advocate for what I think my child needs, then what is there?”

“It is all about nurturing that vulnerability and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable.”

Nat Kringoudis on how she dealt with Geordie’s CF diagnosis –

“When we do not understand something we automatically fear it.”

“Guess what? You are never actually going to have everything perfect.”

“I have learnt that the grieving process, when it is done properly actually takes around 3 days.”

“Hone back in on our intuition, it has never let me down so far.”

Nat Kringoudis on work-life balance

“It is all about getting that balance right.”

“This is what being in business is all about! It is constantly evolving and reassessing.”

“If someone is triggered by the information you are putting out there you are actually doing your job.”

“I really want to encourage people to celebrate their wins!”

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There’s so much wisdom in this candid, vulnerable and open interview. I’m clearly biased however I sincerely urge you to take a listen as Nat Kringoudis’s words of wisdom could literally be a life-changer.

Reading some of the comments by people listening to these interviews on the How Do You Fly Summit makes me realise the power of just one interview. The levels of “renewed hope” and new enthusiasm on taking on life’s biggest challenges is so encouraging. It just simply cannot be understated.

Take a listen here.

Tomorrow, it’s Carren Smith. The incredible Bali Bombing survivor who endured a wretched run, only to come out the end of it with more empowerment and strength than she thought she was capable of. Each day, the momentum from this Summit only grows. And so will your zest for life, your resilience and your commitment to being exceptional.

With the likes of Cyndi O’Meara, Damian Kristof and Kim Morrison still to come, I’m excited to engage with you next week when the Summit is complete and to see what you have learned from it all.

Until next time, remember to Embrace the challenge, learn from the best and make magic happen!

Stay great,


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