There’s nothing better than a good laugh and I hope this blog makes you have one!

So inspired by my beautiful wife, Sarah’s, health crusades earlier this year I decided to embark on a procedure known as a salt flush.

If you don’t know what a salt flush is (I had no idea) then you will after listening to this latest podcast of 100 Not Out called The Poo In You. .

Also, if you want to know what the measurements are, when to do it (and when not to) then it’s all in the podcast.

I could write it all down here however I’d prefer to give you some context before you go straight into it!

At the time of writing I have performed a salt flush on THREE occasions. One good, one bad and one downright ugly! You’ll find many recounts of awesome salt flush experiences on the googlesphere, however I think it’s just as important that you hear about some bad experiences too!

To put it bluntly, I felt like I was having a baby during my first salt flush! And my wife (we have two kids) Sarah, thought it was hilarious watching me go through it! Especially since she had breezed through her first salt flush less than 24 hours earlier!

Anyway, I’m giving away some of the gossip. Have a listen for the full story!

To give you a word of warning, there are multiple references to poo in this episode so you may not want to be eating whilst listening!

I hope you find this episode entertaining and educational all at the same time!

And most importantly, I hope you have a smile on your face.

Stay great,


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