17 million Aussies are overweight or obese (leaving only 6 million not!), 80% of kids are predicted to be so by 2020, and obesity has taken over smoking as the leading cause of premature death and illness.

Excess sugar consumption (and yep, you guessed it, Australia is at the top of the tree in sugar consumption, surpassing American and Europe), is the leading cause of obesity in the modern world. But isn’t sugar “fat free”??? On the surface, yes, but in reality, absolutely not!

I recently enjoyed myself over the Easter period, feasting on a selection of chocolate treats, and took my fancy to an organic “sugar-free” chocolate bunny which I had been given. Normally I would say, “sugar-free, but what else have you put in there to make it so?”, but this was a very reputable brand! Without naming names, it’s an organic branch of a leading supermarket! Now I was the sucker as I have since realised, as it was filled with the artificial sweetener mannitol (which I have since learned is used as a weak renal (kidney) vasodilator!)

The lesson – be VERY wary of anything that is HIGH in sugar and LOW/NO sugar. The wisest way to eat your food is select natural foods with natural sugars (fruits, honey and few others you can read about in more detail).

One of Australia’s leading chiropractors, Dr Jennifer Barham-Floreani has put together a sensational synopsis of sugar – Tackling the Sweet Beast, why it’s addicitive, what to look for in alternatives, and what you can do to stop the rot and lead a healthier life (and if you are already living a sugar-free life, how to pass this potentially life-saving information on to others).

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