This headline is not your typical social media post (you’ll see it in Quirky Cooking now though). Typically, you’ll see only the good stuff. The birthdays, the fun family photos (forget that there were tears, fights and mayhem only moments before the click of the camera!), business success (never failure), and so on.

It’s enough to make me wonder – “What about the other side of life?”

As you may have noticed, I haven’t been on emails, social media or the blogosphere this past fortnight. Instead, I’ve spent the past fortnight researching people who have gone through major challenge in their life, and asking if they would be happy to share their experiences. From family bereavements and strained relationships, to lost fortunes and major health crises.

I’ve called this 8-day online event the How Do You Fly Summit and it’s completely FREE (seriously no strings attached).

Register here.

No question is off limits as I do my bit in helping the world see people’s lives from both sides. Jo Whitton may have 220,000 facebook fans on Quirky Cooking, but her life AIN’T easy and rosy. There’s struggle, there’s tough times, there’s challenge.

Starting today and over 8 consecutive days, I interview one incredible human being and ask them only about the struggle (chances are you already know about their victories).

Today it’s Quirky Cooking’s Jo Whitton.

In this candid chat you’ll learn –

* How Jo has dealt with the health crisis of her son, Isaac

* Discover the incredible support Isaac has received from his siblings

* Learn the steps Jo has taken to turn Quirky Cooking from a blog hobby to an international business

* Learn how Jo deals with having a partner who does not have the same food philosophy

* And much more!

Listen to the interview here.

Tomorrow it’s Nat Kringoudis. Nat is known for making people’s hormones happier than a Pharrell Williams song (“because I’m happy …”), yet Nat’s life has been anything but happy at certain times.

Over the coming week you’ll hear Cyndi O’Meara reflect on losing 6 of her closest family and friends in the space of 6 months, Kim Morrison sheds tears on reflecting the heartache she’s experienced, whilst Carren Smith details just how she pulled herself out of a hole following the Bali Bombings.

Damian Kristof outlines his relationship and business “crash landings”, and most importantly, how he got himself back in the air.

Nicky Leonti reveals how her young family recovered from the Brisbane floods of 2011, and Kale Brock takes us through his step-by-step comeback from a major heart condition.

Check the full schedule here

All in all (if my experience in interviewing these people is anything to go by) I hope you feel encouraged and inspired by the honesty and openness of these 8 incredible souls.

I truly hope you enjoy! Remember, all interviews are released at 7am(Sydney time) each day and are completely FREE. They will NOT be sold at the end of the event but will be taken down once the event is over.

Also note – you will receive your bonuses from each speaker directly at the completion of the Summit.

Enjoy the interview with Quirky Cooking’s Jo Whitton and have a magnificent Monday!


PS – Nat Kringoudis tomorrow!

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