In this episode of 100 Not Out we discuss how “good days” or “bad days” can have a disproportionate impact on our mindset and about our “success” in life. Does a “bad day” mean we’re “caught in the rat race” and does a great day mean we’re “successful” and so on.

We also discuss the differences in our relationships between our respective enthusiasm and idealism and our partners more “realistic” approach, and how we handle that.

An entertaining, sometimes politically incorrect of 100 Not Out coming your way.

Next 100 Not Out event – Thursday August 18 in Melbourne @ Milanos Tavern, Brighton.

Get ready to be entertained, informed and inspired at this never before conducted special event – 100 Not Out Unplugged. Fresh back from the 100 Not Out Longevity Retreat in the Greek island of Ikaria, Damian Kristof and Marcus Pearce share the gold nuggets of longevity learnt on the “island where people forget to die.”

From nutritional insights to relationship secrets, the meaning of life to the way through the government web of healthcare, no stone is left unturned in this fun, dynamic, and always provocative evening.

When these two get on the stage together there’s only two things you can be sure of – one hell of a good night and some deep and meaningful truth bombs you won’t hear anywhere else!

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