Without doubt one of the most favourite interviews we have ever done. Mitch Albom has written six books, sold over 35 million copies in 39 languages, had four of those books adapted into movies and shows no sign of “retiring” anytime soon with the release of The Magic Strings Of Frankie Presto.

His most famous book is without doubt Tuesdays With Morrie. Perfectly placed to shed wisdom on what it is to live the 100 Not Out lifestyle, on this interview Mitch discusses –

  1. The power of culture and your choice to buy into it or not
  2. How writing Tuesdays With Morrie has allowed him to be an eternal “teacher’s assistant”
  3. How Mitch stays grounded in the face of so much success
  4. The illusion that personal growth creates “perfect” citizens
  5. And so much more

We really hope you enjoy this interview as much as we enjoyed asking the questions!

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