Prebiotics, Probiotics, Antibiotics, Synbiotics & Symbiosis … does it ever end? And we haven’t even mentioned the mother of them all, the microbiome!

In this episode of 100 Not Out we track the ever-confusing progression of probiotics. Whilst most people on the wellness path recognise that probiotics are important for every single one of us, which ones to take, which ones NOT to take, and just HOW to take them has become another mental minefield for health enthusiasts and beginners alike.

To the rescue (as always on 100 Not Out when it comes to nutrition) is Damian Kristof, the voice of reason! Damo shares the easy mistakes (like feeding adult strains to children), and also defines the different types of -biotics so that we may have the clarity we crave as consumers to make the best choices for ourselves and our families.

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