On Sunday July 14, 2013, Don Riddington became the oldest Australian to swim the English Channel. Don is proof again that age is no excuse to maximising human potential, and in part 1 of this compelling interview Damian and Marcus pick Don’s brain on how and why he chose such a challenge to create history.

Don shares how a woman half his age tragically died just 24 hours before Don attempted the swim. You’ll also learn about how Don “chunked” the race down into smaller legs in order to avoid overwhelm.

So many of Don’s examples are a great metaphor for our own life. This isn’t an interview about swimming the Channel. This is an interview about LIFE.

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You can watch Don’s inspiring race by going to You Tube or by clicking on the video below.

Don continues to swim with the famous Icebergers group in Brighton. You can find Don down at Brighton Beach most mornings going for a swim (no matter the time of the year!)

You will never hear Don speak about his age as an excuse for anything. He simply carries on living the life he loves no matter what his age. To borrow from the cliche (because it’s true), age is just a number.

We were fortunate to have Don speak at the 100 Not Out Lifestyle event in November 2016. A truly inspirational man and a sensational example of the message we communicate on the podcast. Thank you Don for the example you set!


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