Did your ancestors eat coconut? Were your ancestors vegan? Fascinating questions and ones that we discuss on this episode of 100 Not Out with the co-hosts of A Quirky Journey, Jo Whitton and Fouad Kassab.

In addition, we speak about the beautiful new book Jo and Fouad have released, Life-Changing Food.

There is something special about REAL books. Whilst an e-book is great for travelling and learning on the go, nothing beats the tactile and eternal bond you can create with a REAL book.

And whilst most cookbooks these days follow the same template and layout, this one is SO different. A textured cover with special embossing, a bigger size, a different recipe layout, unique imagery, and chapters before the recipes outlining their philosophy on life and not just food.

As friends and colleague’s on The Wellness Couch, of course we’re biased about the book! But seriously, if there is only ONE book you buy for your kitchen and your home in 2017, it just has to be Life-Changing Food by Jo Jo & Foo Foo.|


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