It’s been a remarkable 60 days in the wellness industry. Sarah Wilson has closed down I Quit Sugar, and in the last week Donna Hay and News Corp have parted ways, whilst Lisa Messenger revealed that episode 52 of Collective Hub will be it’s final printed magazine (taking it exclusively online).

What’s happening in the industry? How do we explain the rise and fall, the volatility and vulnerability of leaders in health, wellness and personal growth, and their transformations.

We are not suggesting for a minute that any of the three examples here are failures of any kind. They simply demonstrate that wellness and personal empowerment is an ever-changing landscape, and what is trendy and popular today may very well be tomorrow’s fish-and-chip wrapping.

To help us wade through the maze, we welcome back Samantha Gowing.

When the day spas and restaurants and health food stores of the world want a wellness-inspired menu, when a food company is in strife or when a budding entrepreneur in wellness just wants to do it right – who do they turn? Samantha Gowing.

Gowing is arguably the world’s #1 spa chef, a clinical nutritionist by trade, specialising in Food As Medicine. She has a masters in gastronomic tourism from the Cordon Bleu and is the founder of Gowings Food | Health | Wealth.

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