There are so many wellness “experts” these days it can be difficult to know who to follow. On this episode we discuss what some of the signs are of a rat in the wellness world. Who can you trust and who can you unfollow? Here are some of the signs we discuss –

How long have they been eating that way / moving that way / thinking that way? Is this just their latest fad or crash diet that they are sharing?

How long have they been doing what you WANT to do?

Is the expert prepared to be WRONG or are they constantly defending their beliefs?

How do they look? If they are a “health” expert, are they a picture of health?

How much of their PERSONAL life do they share? Their family don’t have to be in the public eye but they can’t be a secret either.

Are they nice human beings with a pleasing personality? They don’t have to be an extrovert, but experts and mentors are better when they’re decent human beings.

Do they think they’re better than you? If so, conversation over.

Enjoy this episode of 100 Not Out!


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