With the 2018 Wellness Summit now behind us, Marcus & Damo reflect on their experiences from Summit #6.

Damo had a number of 1:1 exchanges with attendees and shares some powerful, funny and touching moments – particularly of an attendee who saw Damo over 20 years ago and received some questionable advice (to which Damo sincerely apologised for!)

We discuss the power of coming together in real life and bringing listeners, new wellness fans and the podcasters all together for one magical weekend.

The power of the passage of time, as brought up by Marcus at The Wellness Summit, also gets a mention, as well as the importance of not blanket agreeing with everything everyone says (and cultivating the art of independent thought).

Check out the hashtag #thewellnesssummit to see what we got up, or go to The Wellness Couch on Instagram and Facebook for a full wrap.



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