Many people are looking for life purpose clarity when they are at “rock bottom”. But what if you like, or even love, many areas of life and simply looking to dig deeper without going to rock bottom?

That was Spiri Tsintziras. A happy wife with wonderful children and work she loved to do, she simply felt like she was running out of steam.

Already a published author of Afternoons in Ithaka (ABC Books, 2014) and co-author of the best-selling title Parlour Games for Modern Families (Scribe, 2009), Spiri travelled to Greece, and to Ikaria where the foundations of her latest book My Ikaria were laid.

Part memoir, part self-help and completely inspirational, Spiri is a sensational example of what it takes to truly make the rest of your life the best of your life.

Get your copy of My Ikaria over at Black Inc Books or where all good books are sold.

Keep up with Spiri over at her Tribal Tomato Blog. 

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