So I moved house two Mondays ago…Gee whiz what a full on experience moving house is!
Like a heart beating, I think every human being over the age of 25 knows what it’s like (that’s not actually correct when you think of billions of people in India, China, Africa and so on, so scrap that thought) …
But bringing it back to my little country of Australia, and most people have or will empathise with me when I tell them that we just moved house.
I’m going to say that it’s a first-world problem, because it is.
Yet it’s also one of the more difficult experiences, due in no small part to the amount of stuff we as a population have these days.
The number of decisions to keep/chuck/donate/sell/recycle etc is just ridiculous.
And as one of the school Mums said to Sarah the other day, there’s the declutter you do before you move, and then the even bigger declutter you do when you move in to your new home!
And that’s where I’m at right now. Our garage is full of boxes at the moment, and when I’m sitting around the couch with the family (we sold our dining table and are yet to replace it), and I see healthy children and a beautifully pregnant wife, part of me wants to burn all the boxes and live with next to nothing!
And then my brain clicks in. The hundreds of books in boxes that I truly love, the six tubs of memorabilia from over 90 years of combined living in our family, kids toys and so on – I can’t just go and chuck them all out. Can I?
When I think about this decision process I reflect on my previous trips to the Greek island “Blue Zone” of Ikaria. There, they live very simply, with very few possessions.
It’s definitely more a place of quality than quantity. Jianni and Joana have been married for over six decades, live in a tiny 1 bedroom house, have a few photos on the walls, a few bottles of wine on a shelf and some basic necessities.
Sure, they don’t have kids running around the house, but it definitely gets me thinking about our reliance on “stuff” and how to reduce it.
Given the Marie Kondo Netflix phase is in full swing, perhaps I’m not alone in questioning how much stuff I have that I don’t need or even want.
And then I get torn with what to do with the plastic possessions I don’t love but don’t know what to do with. The plastic coat hangers, the plastic bin, the plastic beach tent, the plastic paddles for the plastic blow up boat, the plastic everything!
With my 100 Not Out co-host Damian Kristof also moving house recently, we vented – I mean recorded – this episode of 100 Not Out to share our experiences of moving house.
ELB Live Byron Bay 2019

Byron Bay Live Event May 18 & 19

I’m 200% biased, but if you’re a Mum searching for a Mother’s Day present, may I suggest a weekend in Byron Bay?

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1. Your Life Purpose / Career (What am I here to do and be in my life?)
2. Your Movement (To maintain vitality throughout your life and avoid ever becoming decrepit)
3. Your Social Life (You become who you hang around … so who are you hanging around?)
4. Your Nutrition (Eating a chicken salad whilst resenting your job, not moving your body and having “no time” to socialise is not success.)
5. Your Love & Relationships (Christmas Day is meant to be FUN, not awkward).
6. Your Growth (Learning never stops for the exceptionals)
7. Your Wealth (Spending less than you earn and investing the difference)
8. Your Spirit (Avoiding labels like good and bad, right and wrong, and cultivating a worldview beyond what the media presents)
Sound like fun? It is … and it’s intense, transformational, entertaining and demanding. As Cheryl, one of my inaugural Exceptionals called it
ELB Live is like wisdom on steroids. Super growth, super fast, with side effects – all positive. ” – Cheryl Mead 
I hope to see you there!

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