Damian has just moved house, and not only has he moved house, but he has left the rent game and become an owner-occupier.

What does it feel like moving from a rental to your own home? And what are the benefits of loving not only your home, but the community you love to be around?

If you care about local issues and want the local public toilet fixed, what does that mean?

In a world we care so much about global issues and sometimes so little about local ones, this episode attempts to define how to navigate “think global act local”.

This is our last recording before we head to Greece to host our 100 Not Out Longevity Experience. This is our third time to Ikaria – the island where people forget to die – and already have registrations for a 2020 Longevity Experience. To find out more about 2020 and to apply, head to www.100notout.com

Photo by Gus Ruballo on Unsplash

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