24-year-old Annie Counsel was attending a screening of the newly-released The Longevity Film, when all of a sudden she begun to cry.

Vision of Ikaria, the Greek island known as the island where people forget to die, had just appeared.

Annie had been in Ikaria just a couple of months earlier on our 100 Not Out Longevity Experience.

What was it that made Annie tear up? And more importantly, why is a 24-year-old so interested in and determined to live the 100 Not Out lifestyle?

Listen in as our youngest ever guest on 100 Not Out shares her own longevity wisdom.

** Applications are OPEN for our 2020 Longevity Experiences **

In 2020 we return to Ikaria for the fourth time, and making it’s debut is SARDINIA. The Italian Island Blue Zone will be Longevity Experience #1 from August 19 to 28, and we then head to Ikaria from August 30 to September 8. Join us for one or both – all details at www.100notout.com



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