Over the last supper of our 2019 Longevity Experience in Ikaria, Thea Parikos dropped a bombshell without even knowing it. She casually said that she doesn’t know anyone on the island with a gut health problem. And Thea knows everyone on the island.

Our Aphrodites (we had nine women join us on our trip this year) were all aghast at Thea’s statement. So were we.

You see, when we run events here in Australia and ask the audience to raise their hands if they have gut health issues, over 90% of the audience will put their hand up. Granted, they are attending a health and wellness event. Yet, on an island of 7500 people, it’s staggering that gut problems are not even a thing.

So why is that Ikarian’s don’t experience poor gut health?

We go back to Thea Parikos, owner of Thea’s Inn & Restaurant, the base where National Geographic were planted when the Blue Zones were being researched and discovered. And of course, home base for our 100 Not Out Longevity Experience. To apply for our 2020 trip from August 30 to September 8, please go to www.100notout.com 

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