If you’re hoping Damian Kristof is about to give you the most nutritious Christmas menu ever, then think again. But … you’ll be gifted the soul nourisment that Damo’s love for good food can provide.

On this episode Damo shares his Christmas bircher recipe. And he also shares his ideal lunch, dessert and Boxing Day breakfast.

If you’re hungry, your mouth be watering 10 minutes in to this episode.


And if you struggled to write down all the ingredients in Damo’s bircher, here it is.

Damo’s Christmas Day Oat-Based Bircher



Chia Seeds

Poppy Seeds

Sunflower Seeds


Slithered Almonds



Orange Juice and Yoghurt topped up with milk on the day

Lemon Curd on the top … Google Thermomix lemon curd for the recipe

Add Honeycomb to be fancy

Do all of this two days before so the bircher can soak. Or as the world likes to say it these days – activate! 

And remember, if your GF Free you don’t have to use oats!

Photo by Jed Owen on Unsplash

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